Faith precedes the miracle.
You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one.
Henry D. Thoreau

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Heres Brennen with a picture of his snown man essay he wrote for us.
Brennen with a cookie after his much anticipated "Winter Preformance"

The preformance which included such hits as "Gingerbread rock", "Peter, Peter Penguin", "A funny Little Snowman", "Let it Snow", "Frosty the Snowman", and "Winter Wonderland"

Santas little helpers at Old Town Glendale Christmas party.

Critters with Santa

This was Nathan's White Coat ceremony. It signifies his commitment to the medical profession and science. As they go through school the coats they wear get longer but at the begining they are waist length. Midwestern chooses to give their first year students the coats at the begining as a way for them to understand the gravity of being professional in all facets of their life. Shortly after this ceremony we went and got Nathan some more clothes to go with this "professional attitude" and help him transition.

Nana and Maddie watched the kids for us, then we all met up and had a dslicious Italian dinner.Yum!

After the zoo we went up a Mountain called Mt. Lemon. It goes up to about 9500 ft. It contains all ecological elements found from the Canadian boarder to the Mexican boarder. We were missing home so much this made us feel better.

We stoppped and collected snow in a cup and brought it home to Mom.

Audrey got board and entertained herself with sock puppets. Cant say she isnt resourceful in a pinch!

This was our Thanksgiving trip to Tucson where we went to Reid Park Zoo. The kids had a very fun time and it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

My children...riding a peacock or as Audrey says, a peacott

Lama face!