Faith precedes the miracle.
You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one.
Henry D. Thoreau

Monday, March 2, 2009

Look Water!

It almost feels like somewhere in Southern Idaho. Almost.

Audrey loved these trees. They were so smooth and velvety.
She kept making me touch them.

Here is a funny little squirel with fur like down feathers.
Very thin and light. We had just passed a sign saying
"Dont feed the squirels" We didnt believe there were
squirels in Arizona.

Now we do.

Brennen and the Mamma @ Montezuma's Castle. I can now
check this off my life list of things to see.

The Audrey and the Daddy down by the river in front of the castle.

The Castle! Made around 1250 A.D. This cliff dwelling housed
around 35 people with another 120 living below the structure
or in the surrounding rock enclaves. It is closed to the public
now because of its fragile state.

This is a picture of a foundation to another larger structure
that would have housed around 100 people. This and the
caves above it are all that are left due to a major fire.

Here the kids look at a version of what the castle looks like
with the exterior wall striped away.